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5 x Riders Fox/Tazelworm

5 x Riders Fox/Tazelworm


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A unit of 5 Fox Riders

There are 4 fox sculpts and 8 riders a random selection of both included

These cunning fox riders are used as messengers, and to patrol the forests and glades of the Gnomish Cantons.

The mountain passes and alpine forests of the gnomish confederacy are treacherous. Gnomes are waylaid by thuggish men and thieving goblins. These long roads are largely kept safe by the vigilance of the gnome fox patrols.

While most gnomes prefer the stable lives of their mountain hamlets, gnomes that join patrols tend to be more adventuresome. Much of the patrol wear heavy hoods to protect themselves from the elements. They carry crossbows to harry foes and slay thick-skinned orcs. It’s these traits that make these gnomes adept at reconnoitring enemy positions.

Cast in white metal

Sculpted by Byron Harmon

All Gnomes are around 13-15mm to eye

No base supplied


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Harry Vernon - Leeds 5 Stars

These are ace

Lovely, characterful little sculpts with a good amount of detail for their size. I got a nice variety of weapons/shields for the gnomes and poses for the fox mounts. I love the concept behind these alpine gnomes - a great balance of imagination and folklore inspiration! You're doing a top job.