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Albert and his Family

Albert and his Family


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Albert and His Family

“’Wots dat trip-trappin’ over mah bridge!”

The goat stopped mid trip-trap as the huge and menacing form of a troll jumped up from under the bridge to land before him with a thump. “Please good sir!” he bleated. “I’m only a tiny billy goat. I wouldn’t make a mouthful! You’re much better off waiting for my brothers, the bigger billy goats to come this way. They’d be a proper meal for you!”

Albert scratched his head thoughtfully. Well, with as much thought as a troll can muster.

“True…” he reasoned. “But tell ya wot, I’ll feed yer to Albert Jr. He’s a growing lad!”

And with that, Albert the Awful Forest Troll clubbed the poor goat to death, shoved him in a sack and waited for the next two to arrive. Which they did. And he killed them both too. And he took the three goats home to his horrible wife and horrible son. And his horrible boar-hound.  

So, the moral of the story is- when a troll is going to eat you, don’t try and weasel out of it by throwing your brothers under the cart when you should be running away.

And they all lived happily ever after. Except for the goats. And everyone who lived nearby. And the rightful bridge owner, whom Albert had gobbled up earlier that very morning.

All four members of the troll family, together in one great value set!
You’ll receive not just the brutal and violent patriarch of the forest troll family, but his brutal and violent wife, their brutal and violent son- and last (and certainly least) Snuffles, Albert Jr’s brutal and violent companion.

Together, they make a fantastic monstrous unit on the tabletop. Suitable for any evil army of orcs & goblins or chaotic humans.

For RPG GMs, imagine the look on your players faces when you stick these models down on the battlement! They’ll be reaching for a blank character sheet in no time…

NOTICE: These detailed models come with resin supports that are part of the casting process and help provide protection for the model in shipping. They will require removal with an appropriate tool before assembly and painting.


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