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Albert Junior

Albert Junior


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Once upon a time, there was a wicked little boy called Fergus. Who never listened to
his parents or did his chores. His mother always told him ‘Never go into the deep,
dark woods!’
One day, Fergus had ran away into the deep, dark woods. And there he was eaten
by a troll. It crunched his bones into powder and used his skin to make a pair of
And they all lived happily ever after. Except Fergus.
The End.
-Old Mother Hampton’s Cautionary Tales for Sinful Children, vol III


The final member of the family- Albert Jr.
As an adolescent troll, Albert Jr is a little smaller than his father- but nearly as
deadly. Like the other Forest Troll models, Albert JR is designed to be a solid,
hulking model. With a leering single eye and jutting tusks, he’s a teenager you
wouldn’t want to mess with. The limbs are gangly, but knotted with muscle and
although he lacks a few scars, you’d be a fool to underestimate him.
Albert Jr is clutching a clean-picked bone to use as a club and with the warty skin, fur
and loin cloth you have some superb contrast in textures.
Something you’re bound to love is the sulky expression on his face. Combined with
the slouched shoulders and the furrowed brow, Albert Jr is every inch the stroppy
On the tabletop, he works best when paired with his parents as a small unit.
Although he could look great mixed in with some ogres (friends his parents don’t
approve of!) or as the champion of a unit of Chaotic thugs.
Or, for the RPG fan you might be tempted to have Albert Jr as a monstrous PC!
What better way to rebel against mum and dad then to run away and become and

Painting Guide

If you’re buying Albert Jr, you’re probably a fan of the rest of the Forest Troll series.
By giving them a similar paint scheme, you can help to give coherence and
The resin is top quality, so it has all of the old school character but without any of the
dreaded paint chipping of metal minis. 
Albert Jr is a younger troll, so you might want to considering lightening your paints to
give a brighter and fresher look. To do this, simply blend a little extra white into the
undercoat of the fur, teeth and skin.
Using a simple system of a thin base coat, another layer and then finally a gentle
highlight you can quickly paint this up into a striking addition to your collection.  
All colours are Coat d'arms - available on 

 Undercoat Barbarian Leather
 Layer Hairy Brown
 Highlight Tanned Flesh
 Undercoat Sun Yellow
 Layer Bone
 Highlight White
 Undercoat Dwarven Flesh
 Layer Tanned Flesh  
 Highlight Elven Flesh
 Undercoat Festering Brown
 Layer Bone
 Highlight white
 Undercoat Black
 Layer Hairy Brown
 Highlight Bone

NOTICE: These detailed models come with resin supports that are part of the casting process and help provide protection for the model in shipping. They will require removal with an appropriate tool before assembly and painting.


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