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Alpine Dwarf Command Group

Alpine Dwarf Command Group


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Hard as stone and cold as the snow. There is no surer promise than the oath of a dwarf and no greater fury than a dwarf clan wronged. Scouts criss-cross the mountains, keeping constant watch for goblins, giants and other vile creatures. Their great alpine horns ready to warn their kin of any danger. The armies of evil dread the piercing sound of an alpine horn, for it means but one thing- The dwarfs are marching to war!

A  command group to lead and inspire your Alpine Dwarfs. Sculpted by John Pickford, this set has a mighty champion, a standard-bearer with a frankly amazing looking battle flag and a musician playing a vast alpine horn. And last but not least, Bernie the St Bernard. Ready with a fortifying nip of the good stuff.

These models are perfect as part of our alpine range. Or fit in nicely with any other dwarf army, acting as elite troops or scouts. All models come with a pair of skis. Except for the dog, that would just be silly.


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