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Alpine Dwarf Troupers

Alpine Dwarf Troupers


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Boom! The gunshot echoed around the mountainside as Borri emptied his blunderbuss into a wolf-rider. The snow rumbled and shock as it rolled towards them.

“Foolish dwarf!” Screamed the goblin. You’ve set off an avalanche! You’ll kill us both!”

“Small correction.” Said Borri, grabbing up his ski poles. “You’re nearly right. I’ve set off an avalanche.” The dwarf started skiing away, leaving the greenskin far behind. “But I haven’t killed BOTH of us.”   

Another great sculpt by John Pickford, this is a set of 4 Alpine Dwarf Troupers which harken back to the day when a dwarf was a dwarf, without any of this Steampunk nonsense.

These model are filled with charm and feature great additions, like sensible woolly jumpers, warm hoods and best of all- skis!
These Alpine Dwarfs work great as a gun line for a dwarf army. Either as conventional handgunners or as skirmish troops.  

4x Alpine Dwarf Troupers. The pack will include 4 of the 8 trouper types.


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