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Alpine Dwarfs

The Dwarfs of Kragnor dwelt in their deep holds for thousands of years mining for gold and treasure.  They seldom ventured out to the outside world.

Then 100 years ago a young dwarf - Yerrin was exploring outside on a snowy day and slipped while carrying a plank of wood and discovered the joy of speed.  He landed on the plank which had split in two and flew down the mountainside.  Something unknown by his fellow dwarfs.  He thought about it for a short while and this time tied the planks to his feet.  He had invented Skiing. 

When he returned to the hold with tales of his downhill exploits the greybeards scoffed at his stupidity and called him Yerrin the mad.  Yerrin was not one to easily give up and he persuaded some of the other young dwarfs to try 'skiing'.  Before long among the young it became a popular pursuit.

Then 20 years ago the Chaos Dwarfs started to attack Yerrins hold and Yerrin led a group of intrepid dwarfs to climb the mountain behind the Chaos Dwarfs Deamon Cannon emplacement and they swept down the mountain at lightning speed and with their blunderbusses blasting destroyed all six of the Deamon battery.

From that day forth the Royal Dwarf Mountain Ski troops were formed and we present them here for addition to your army.