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Army no command

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Just the 17 new troopers plus mounted Mayor

Our new Halfling Range is sure to knock your socks off- because these guys weren’t wearing any to begin with.

The Halfling Militia feature solid, chunky models. Each one is perfectly proportioned (by Halfling standards) and features absolutely zero pretentious poses or fiddly bits. This is old-school sculpting at its very finest. The attention to detail is superb and there is a wide choice of helmets, hoods and floppy hats. The Halfling Militia consists of a range of different weapons options, with hand weapons, polearms and bows to make sure they are as tactically flexible as they are rotund.  

When it comes to painting them, the large flat areas on their waistcoats, jackets and stomachs  are perfect for bright and cheerful colours associated with Halflings. Blues, greens and yellows will look great. However, the tatty chainmail shirts (which are a bit tight as they shrunk in the wash) are a superb chance for rusty metallics and an excuse to crack the inks open.     

This model line is perfect for starting that Halfling army you’ve been promising yourself. Alternately, they make a great warband for a skirmish system, or as PC models for rangers/rogues/warriors (although not all three at once!) for any fantasy RPG. 

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