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Baggage train and 4 Civilians
Baggage train and 4 Civilians
Baggage train and 4 Civilians
Baggage train and 4 Civilians
Baggage train and 4 Civilians

Baggage train and 4 Civilians

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Like all dwarfs, Chaos Dwarfs distrust horses and other flighty animals.

Instead, to transport the vast amounts of stone and ore required by their empire, dumb beasts are beaten and tortured into submission. Such creatures are bred in vast pits in the pitch darkness beneath the Chaos Dwarf citadels. And when they are grown, are dragged blinking into the sunlight before being shackled to their carts for the rest of their miserable lives.    
Bound in spiked yokes, these pitiful creatures drag vast wagons overflowing with goods and plunder.
Their howls and moans of pain help to pass the time as their cruel masters jab at them mile by agonising mile.

And should they stumble and go lame? Well, that’s just one more for the pot…  

The Baggage Train is quite frankly, one of the best models we have ever made! This model is full of detail. From bags and sacks overflowing with coins and food to the pained expression on the creature’s face. This kit really is superb. Pumpkins, barrels and the odd skull are all little finishing touches that make this model really stand out from the crowd.

When painting this piece, you’ve got a massive range of textures to choose from. The wood and iron of the cart, matted fur on the creature’s back and the glisten and gleam of his master’s armour. This really is the perfect chance to showcase your painting skills and make something that will stand out on the table. 

In games, you can use the Baggage Train as an objective for your army to defend. Or, it makes a perfect makeshift chariot or monstrous creature.

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