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Bert - 1 giant body with 2 heads and 2 weapons

Bert - 1 giant body with 2 heads and 2 weapons


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Of all ye wicked creatures, there is none so vile as ye Giant. He lives to grind the bones and
tear the flesh of man. As cruel as he is stupid, and as stupid as he is ugly- mayhem and
destruction are the one desires of his wicked heart. - Monstrous Beasts and How To Avoid Them, By J.C Roaring.  

FEE, FI, FO, FUM! I smell the blood…Ahem. Sorry about that.

These Giants are OLD SCHOOL. Proper, dim and violent thugs who can’t wait to grind your
bones to make their bread.

At around 60mm (or 2  inches), these are GIANT models! (literally in fact.) and will tower
over the enemy infantry.   

With 6 heads, 3 bodies and 6 weapons, you can make 108 different combinations! Giving you
a varied and characterful force.    

Lovingly cast in solid metal (just like the models of the good old days), these guys will take
centre stage in any collection and are perfect as the centrepiece of an army of chaos, orcs or

Or, maybe even a force of pure giants! They are also perfect for RPGs when you just need a
big, boss monster to terrify the party.

 For just £20, you get 1 bodies, 2 random heads and 2 random weapons. Bargain!


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