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​​​​Bloody-Claus - Christmas Giant Ogre

​​​​Bloody-Claus - Christmas Giant Ogre

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Bloody-Claus - by Jason Fairclough


He knows when you are sleeping,

He knows when you’re awake,

He knows if you’ve been bad or good,

But he doesn’t really care.

Oh, and he will grind your bones to make his bread, eat your brains and burn your village to the ground.


Bloody-Claus (claws) is the NEW festive addition to the OSM family. Available in limited quantities, Bloody-Claws is a perfect old-school stocking filler.

Yeah, how many other companies have the  artistic vision to offer you an evil, zombie, ogre version of Santa? Probably just us…


This model is BEAUTIFUL in its horribleness. With a big bag of presents for all the boys and girls and a vicious, spikey club (also for all the boys and girls)- he’s perfect.


You can use it in any Undead or Chaotic army. Or for an RPG, he makes a great festive boss monster.

For painting, you HAVE to go for a bright red and a white suit. But on his decaying, putrefying flesh? GO CRAZY! Bright greens and purple pustules will give a nice contrast, and are an great excuse to crack open the inks.

Remember though kids, an ogre is for un-life- not just for Christmas.

Standing 2" to the top of his hat this giant metal ogre towers over the halfing hero.  Currently our largest metal single part mini


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Greig Galletly - Stirling 5 Stars


Brilliant design and a good price for its size.