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Brethren set 3

Brethren set 3

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Brethren set 3

Roll up folks! Roll up and see sights you won’t even believe. Freaks? Don’t be so cruel! They prefer the term “differently normal”.  First up, this charming pair! Simone and Mary, two star crossed lovers whose families did not approve (awwww.) They came to me and begged that they should never be apart. Well folks, be careful what you wish for!
Now, another beauty! Throki Merricksdottier, from the Iron Hammer Clan. Our resident bearded lady. It is normal for dwarf ladies to have beards, but she’s also got a weird lumpy foot, so there is that.

Finally, Elvidar Vance- our sword swallower. No phony tricks here folks! You can see it go ALL the way in…

Our final set of Brethren are obviously the combat-wombats. Any of these three models would work really well as a hero or unit champion. With their striking features, make sure to put them in the front rank where they can stand out.


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