Chaos Dwarf Civilians

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Break the stone!

Beat the steel!

Stab the dinner,

‘til it yields! 

Stoke the forge!

Grind the blades!

Keep on working,

‘til it’s made!

-Chaos Dwarf working song

Not all Chaos Dwarfs are warlords and sorcerer-kings. Thousands of calloused hands toil in mines and workshops. Each one of them skilled craftsmen and artisans worth a dozen human smiths. Nothing beautiful leaves the forges of the Chaos Dwarfs, but a great deal of clever and dangerous things do.   Bringing wrack and ruin upon the enemies of their evil race.

Herds of beasts are slaughtered for food, piled high for campaigns and colossal vats of bitter ale are brewed to sake an army’s thirst. 

Remember, an army marches on its stomach! Your all-conquering horde will need support staff to help facilitate the bloodthirsty slaughter. 

Whether it’s butchering a pig, sautéing a weird octopus thing, repairing some armour or carrying around a massive potable furnace to cook it all in- these guys have got your back! 
Although with heavy armour and some pretty brutal looking tools, these models wouldn’t look out of place fighting on the front lines.    

These lovely models are perfect for adding character to your units. Each one of them has a clear trade (when they aren’t killing your foes or taking them as slaves) and its own personality.

They also make great war machine crew or as an addition to a baggage train or other objective. 


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