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Chaos Dwarfs


Like their goodly kin, Chaos Dwarfs are stubborn as stone and tough as iron.

Unlike their cousins however, Chaos Dwarfs are vile and evil to the core.

Sages have argued and debated the origin of these cruel dwarfs for centuries. Different theories range from wicked gods to tampering with foul magics.

The truth may never be known, but what is certain is that the Chaos Dwarfs hate men, elves and above all the other dwarfs with a burning obsession.

When the Chaos Dwarfs march to war, the earth shakes with the thunderous wheels of terrible machines and the air rings with the cries of captured slaves.

Woe betide any whom the Chaos Dwarfs have marked as a foe. And just pray they don’t take you alive…

Old School Miniatures are really excited to present our range of Chaos Dwarf models. These sculpts (like their beards) are bristling with savage personality.

Making these models really was a labour of love. Each one of them is as hairy and unpleasant as you could ever hope from a range of evil dwarfs.

Their armour and weapons have that delicious old-school OTT high fantasy aesthetic, which we loved in the 80’s and 90’s and hope you do too.

From a collecting perspective, this range is a real treat. Solid, chunky sculpts which are unpretentious and satisfying to paint. No fiddly bits here! Just beautiful models which will look great in your display cabinet or smashing a foe to bits on the gaming table.