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Chaos Thugs

Chaos Thugs

£35.00 £29.17 (ex. VAT)

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​​​​​​​Set of 12 thugs plus Thokki 


*ahem* Sorry, just got a bit carried away there.

Our Chaotic Thugs are the retinue of Throkki Thrice-Damned, and our most EVIL model demands the most EVIL followers. So at the risk of eternal damnation we were swift to reply.

The Chaotic Thugs harken back to a better, simpler time. When models were beautiful in their simplicity and had weird heads and lobster claws. Oh, and the odd tentacle. Each thug has been warped by the power of the Dark Gods, featuring animalistic heads, stretched necks, twisted limbs and general overwhelming evil.

These are classic barbarian models. A veritable horde of bloodthirsty killers. They are armed with big, unsubtle weapons- all the better for tenderizing and severing those who oppose them.

For the painter and collector, the mutations and variety of the models offer a real treat. Lots of fur, leather and bare flesh means you have a chance to really show off your painting skills.

On the gaming table, there is a full command of standard bearer, champion and musician so they work superbly as a unit in their own right. Alternately, you can just imagine these guys running around as skirmishers- striking from the trees to cut down the foe!     

Each Chaotic Thug is supplied with a random shield. Remember the good old days, where models had a little round plug on the shield hand and you’d plug the shield onto it? So do we. Plain and unadorned for your own colours and heraldry such as blasphemous symbols and scary demonic faces. 


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