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Copriolanus and King Smear - The Players

Copriolanus and King Smear - The Players

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Two metal miniatures - The players of the group

Sorry, I think I have something in my eye socket.. . Copriolanus and King Smear are the foremost
actors of our little ensemble. Their adoring public howl as soon as they set foot on the stage! They
can make an audience scream with laughter, cry with sadness, - come to think of it, they are very
good at making people scream and cry…

Copriolanus and King Smear are some of the most revolting models in the Circus of Corruption- and
that’s saying something! From the fluffy ruffs, soft velvet cloaks and mounds of rotting guts- the
textures of these models are a joy to paint. As they stand out so well, both these models would work
great in games as characters or champions. Or just in the front rank to add a little pizazz and
variation to any daemon unit.


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Gonzalo Ortiz Moreno - Madrid 5 Stars

Perfect for Plague

A little big for 28 mm, but perfect for Nurgle or a plague carnival!