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Daemon Cannon and Crew

Daemon Cannon and Crew

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Make a circle, mark it well,

Drag a daemon straight from Hell.

Bind with iron, salt and flour,

Hold the daemon in your power.

If he squeals, then you’ve got ‘em!

Blasting hellfire from his bottom.

-Ewal Dvergar children’s rhythm

The deranged mind of an Ewal Dvergarf is a terrible place to dwell. 

The Chaos Dwarf sorcerers who bind and enslave demons are cackling madmen, even by the grim standards of their kin.
Unspeakably foul magic and a score of unforgivable acts are necessary to force a lesser daemon into servitude as a war machine. Bound and driven mad with pain, these daemons suffer further indignity by being forced to defecate bales of hellfire onto their master’s foes, howls of fury rip through the air as great gouts of magical fire turn enemies to ash.

The Daemon Cannon is nostalgia in a box! A nod to the days when wargaming didn’t take itself so seriously and many a gaming table was filled with the heart-warming sight of evils dwarfs using people’s bottoms as light artillery pieces.

This sculpt is packed with detail. The poor daemon comes with a choice of two heads- one of which is brimming with silent fury and the other howling with pain.

The crew are equally gruesome- brisling with some rather savage loading equipment and beards you could lose a goblin in!

Finally, the captain, marked by his fancy dragon helmet, looks on with sadistic glee.

Our Daemon Cannon makes a great war machine for an evil fantasy army. Or, on the right base could make a smashing centrepiece.       

*Please note the painted example includes some extra small chains which are not part of the sculpt, we have included an unbuilt unpainted image of the canon to show it without these chains*


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Matt - London 5 Stars

Classic Sculpt Re imagined Beautifully

A lovely sculpt with beautiful expression in the face and plenty of detail. Nice fit on the assembly with minor filling. A real Joy to paint

James Cockburn - Chertsey 5 Stars

Superb old school homage

This is a lovely model, full of old school charm. An homage to the original ‘arse cannon’

Adds enormous Character to any chaos dwarf army or collection.