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 The dragon rose his head from his bed of gold, coins shifting and falling from his serpentine bulk. Gromfindor breathed out slowly, twin streams of smoke pouring from his nostrils. 
“For how many years have I known you, Thrice-Dammed? And your father Thorgrim, chief before you. And your grandfather, Arkhorn.” Vast claws, the size of scimitars stroked across a mound of gold, scattering treasure. “For my protection and patronage, I ask so little. A symbolic payment to show willing. A suitable refreshment once per year.” 
Throkki glanced at the pile of splintered bones in a shadowy corner. The yearly price paid by the tribe to avoid the dragon’s wrath. 
“I do all this for you.” Gromfindor snarled. “And this is how you show your gratitude?” 
The beast pulled back his gums to show a vast row of vicious fangs, each one sharp as a dagger. 
“Choose your words wisely, Thrice-Dammed! For they may be your last upon this earth.” 

Fresh from our Kickstarter, here he is in all his scaly glory! The mighty dragon Gromfindor, terror of the skies and greatest of monsters!
However, the wyrm doesn’t have it all his own way. Brave heroes have set forth to slay the dragon. But even with their combined might and magic, will it be enough to slay the beast?