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Gromfindor and the Party

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Down they went, into the heart of the mountain. As they turned a corner, the glimmer and shine of gold and silver danced in the torchlight.

“I know the smell of halfling blood.”

The dragon’s voice echoed around the tunnel. There was a soft clink of metal as Gromfindor shifted atop the mound of treasure he used as a bed.

“But there are other smells. Man. Dwarf. Elf. And the stink of magic has come to my home. I know why you are here. I even admire your bravery. But know this, the hour of your death is at hand! Come forth and embrace your destruction!”

With a mighty cry, Sir Konrad charged forward, shield raised. A vast gout of flame spilled forth from the dragon’s nostrils and Shalazar chanted a spell of resistance- shouting the arcane words even as the shield glowed cherry red with heat.

Alshae sprang forth, arrow notched and Drung advanced with a war song on his lips!

Their quest was nearly at an end, but the fight of their lives had only just begun!


The ultimate old-school-RPG-bundle! FOUR old school heroes pit their mettle against the mighty dragon Gromfindor!

Let’s be honest. Intrigue and character development are all well and good, but is there anything better than fighting a dragon? No. No there isn’t.

Players might say they care about negotiating a peace treaty between the Star Elves and the town of Whimseydale, but trust us- deep down inside they’d much rather be fighting a dragon.

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