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Highland Minotaur - Limited Edition Resin Master

Highland Minotaur - Limited Edition Resin Master

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Strong as a wall, broad as a door, 
That’s the form of a minotaur! 
Shaggy fur, stands eight feet, 
The toughest foe you’ll ever meet. 
Two big horns, atop his head, 
Stalks his prey until they’re dead. 
Moos and bellows, angry roars, 
Now you’ve met a minotaur!  

-Greasyus and the Minotaur.

The minotaur is a classic monster, combining animal cunning and brutal killing power. At home in both the unforgiving wilderness and the blood-soaked halls of a labyrinth, the minotaur is a mighty foe indeed!

This model is the ultimate in Old School aesthetic. Just look at the tasteful foot placement! This model would be perfectly at home on ANY sized base, from normal, 25mm square bases, up to the enormous round ones that everyone now prefers for some reason.

Hefting a huge stone war hammer, our Highland Minotaur is dynamically posed, charging into battle-ready to splat the heads of any foolish enough not to run away. With fur and the texture of the Great Kilt, this mini gives you a chance to REALLY show off your painting skills. Oh, and did we mention- he's 55mm (two and 1/5") TALL! (to the tip of his horn)

On the battlefield, he can be used in either nature or chaotically aligned armies. Either as part of a unit of his feral kind or as a hero bellowing orders to other beast-kin.
For RPGs, he makes a perfect warrior for any adventuring party, or perhaps a lethal foe to put the fear of the gods into your PCs.


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