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Hooked Demon

Hooked Demon

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The Putrid Princes love irony, and take delight in warping the forms of the greedy who pass into their realm. Gluttonous bellies are shrivelled to emaciated, spindly forms- mouths that once supped the finest wines and gorged on food are changed to snapping jaws at cannot taste.

Covetous eyes are shrunken to beady pinpricks, barely enough to see a sliver of the horror that surrounds them- but wide enough to behold the worst transformation-

The hands of the greedy are shaped and changed into huge, scything blades. Never again to grasp the gold and wealth they obsessed over in life.

Thus, those consumed by greed are consumed by hell itself and damned to stalk the lower planes as Hooked Demons.

The legions of hell have just got some reinforcements from our new Hooked Demons!

This model is fantastic. Huge, tearing blades for hands and a gaping maw ready to rip off people’s faces. These big guys can either by used in small units or one their own. Either way, someone is getting their face ripped off…

Hooked demons are great in any chaotic, evil or demon army- but they work as big, scary aliens for a bug sci fi force as well. Just imagine one of these guys jumping out of the jungle at you…

They also make superb boss monster in any fantasy roleplaying game.

Sculpted by Andy 'Atom; Taylor


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