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The Miniature Companies we love

Ramshackle Games

Any Wasteman fans will find a wealth of additional miniatures which they can add to spice up their post apocalyptic playground, and any terrain buildings and kit bashers will find a treasure trove of bits. They also handle some of our resin casting.

Diehard Miniatures

Diehard Miniatures do an awesome range of miniatures, the fantasy chaos sculpts in particular would fit in nicely with our chaos thugs, and it would be a disservice not to mention the awesome range of snake men they do!

Knightmare Miniatures

Knightmare Miniatures has an extensive range of sculpts by Kev Adams, from geenskins, to mutated beastmen. You could build an awesome force of goblins to battle our halfings, or pick up some additional old school chaos dwarfs to protect your Daemon Cannon