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Lower Festering Daemons Set 4

Lower Festering Daemons Set 4

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From amongst the squabbling ranks of the lesser daemons, there may arise a champion. One who may retain a shred of ego from their mortal life- bred larger and fiercer than their wretched kin. These demon warriors fight at the front ranks of battle, desperate to draw the attention of the Putrid Princes. Yet they are doomed to fail, for they are cursed to never rise in rank or station. The laughter of their cruel masters ringing in their ears forevermore.

– The Liber Putridum, by Inhalor the Mad.

This set of Lower Festering Daemons consists of 3 of the biggest and meanest looking- perfect for unit champions. Their warped and distorted forms make them stand out, even among the rest of your daemon army. Especially the weird one with the trousers, we shudder to think what the sculptor was thinking of there!

Metal Miniatures sculpted by Jaycee Fairclough from TC Miniatures

Miniatures 30mm tall to top of the head


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