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Manyrings the Mighty Treeman

Manyrings the Mighty Treeman

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 “Manyrings! Elder of the treeman race! 
 The first! The unbegotten! 
 He who was there at the making of the world. 
 Honour the pacts that were sworn long ago, 
 and the oaths made in blood.   
To the four winds, we cry, our tears to the great mother. 
 Let her send forth her champion! Let us ride out again!
 The forest is burning, our foes seek to slay us. 
Manyrings! Lord of the treemen and greatest of your kind- we call for thy aid!” 
She looked to her mentor and the older elf wizard sighed. “It’s a good spell, there’s just one problem. It doesn’t bloody rhyme” 
“I don’t make the rules!” He cleared his throat:
 “The forests a-burnin’, 
 So we’ve got a yernin’, 
 To stab up some goblins an’ orcs. 
So if yer a-willin’ 
 Let’s start a-killin’ 
 An’ send off those bothersome dorks,” 
 The young apprentice rolled his eyes. “that’s got to be the stupidest-“ There was a crash of bracken as through the treeline strode a figure from legend. Its hide tough as mithril with the strength of a hundred men. “Wotcha.” It said, with a voice like rumbling thunder. “got me sum orcs ta splat?” 

 Manyrings is our biggest and best treeman. 
With his weathered bark and mossy patches, he is full of different textures to present a fun painting challenge for any hobbyist. 
 On the table, he is (if you’ll pardon the pun) a force of nature. Manyrings is the perfect centrepiece of a wood elf army, or perhaps allied to a halfling force. 

Manyrings the Mighty stands a colossal 160mm to the tip of his branches, and 95mm to his brow. He comes unnassembled in four parts - main body, two arms, and a separate branch. His arms are interchangeable and can be positioned in loads of ways! 

NOTICE: These detailed models come with resin supports that are part of the casting process and help provide protection for the model in shipping. They will require removal with an appropriate tool before assembly and painting.


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