Mungo Silenbritches and Gunter Firkenshart - The Strong Men

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Mungo Silenbritches and Gunter Firkenshart - The Strong Men

Mungo and Gunter! The mountain man and the man mountain! Each of these hulking specimens will push their bodies to the very limit of your constitution to outdo each other in feats of strength.

See them:

Bend bars!

Lift gates!

Maximise their encumbrance!

All for no more reward than the applause of the crowd and the scoop of rat dropping we give them after a good show. Please do not make eye contact with Mungo.

Where would a circus be without a strongman or two? Bulging with muscles and clad in uncomfortably snug shorts, these sculpts would make great barbarian warriors if a career in entertainment doesn’t take off. Spilt guts, popped eyes and vacant expressions- as well as musculature, these models are dripping with detail. As well as intestines…

The cervices and details of both models make them a joy to paint and a good excuse to break the inks out.



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