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Pre order - Ewal Dvegar Sorcerer on Lammassu

Pre order - Ewal Dvegar Sorcerer on Lammassu

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Ewar Dvergar Sorcerer mounted on Lammassu - Pre order will run until the end of July 2022

No mindless beast is the Lammasu, but cunning and cruel as the greatest of our kind.

Unless slain, they are immortal, with troves of forbidden lore and terrible strength.

Only a fool would think to force a Lammasu into service, but for the right price- a pact may be sworn.

It is as covetous as it is deadly, and slaves, gold and magical items may buy its loyalty for a time. And with it, the might and magic of ages might be yours! To soar above the skies on a beast belching fire and flame! To crush your foes under brazen hooves and see your enemies torn to pieces by its iron jaws.

Yet heed this final warning, my apprentice. The power of a Lammsu comes with a price, and the monster’s lair is strewn with the bones of foolish sorcerers who thought themselves clever enough to cheat it.

The Ewal Dvergar Sorcerer on Lammasu is an iconic model- a modern retelling of a classic piece of wargaming. This huge, winged beast makes the ultimate centrepiece for any Ewal Dvergar collection- and the ultimate status symbol for any ambitious sorcerer of Chaos Magic! The Lammasu itself is breathtaking- a hideous, snarling face topped with cruel horns stuck on the body of a massive flying bull! Sculpted ready to pounce on the enemy ranks and tear them limb from limb! But, don’t’ forget about the rider! The Dwarf sorcerer atop the Lammasu is every bit as self-important and arrogant as you’d expect from an Ewal Dvergar. With his dragon-hide cloak, mighty staff and incredibly impractical hat- this is the only model worthy of such a mount!

On the tabletop, the Ewal Dveragr Sorcerer on Lammasu is not only a top-notch caster, he’s also a big, scary monster. And when he’s not chewing through the enemy ranks, he will look fantastic in your display cabinet as well.


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