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Ranken Vile

Ranken Vile

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I’m Wacky Jim from Wacky Jim’s Minion and Henchman Warehouse! 
Here at Wacky Jim’s Minion and Henchman Warehouse, we have EVERYTHING you need to set you up as a TOP OF THE LINE EVIL VILLAN! 
We have a wide range of henchmen available: 
•    Easily distracted guards who investigate every noise.
•    Narcoleptic jailers who ALWAYS carry their keys on the end of a long belt. 
•    Generic cultists, specifically trained to only attack intruders one at a time, and then die quietly at the first blow.
Whether you’re an evil sorcerer, mad priest of an unpronounceable god or just need some good ‘ole fashioned thugs for hire- we’re your guys! Our mooks are the most moronic around! They follow orders TO THE LETTER, no matter how stupid that may be. Don’t bother learning their names- they certainly don’t know them. 

So come on down to Wacky Jim’s Minion and Henchman Warehouse, and you’ll be powering up your Death-Ray before you know it!  
Wacky Jim’s Minion and Henchman Warehouse
165 Bloodcreak Ave. 
The Mountain of Horror

(Opposite the pet shop)

Every RPG needs evil minions. Those classic fantasy shmucks who charge in with an undue sense of optimism only to be hacked about by the heroes. )“Hey, you see those four adventurers who just killed an ancient dragon without breaking a sweat? Let’s try and mug them!”.) 
Here at OSM we pay tribute to these incredibly brave (and stupid) cultist/thralls/generic bad guys.  Meet Ranken Vile. From his rusty mace to his form concealing dark robes (one size fits all), his is every bit the evil henchperson. Whether it’s chanting ominously at a ritual or general unskilled menial evil, he’s the man for the job!  

Ranken Vile is perfect for evil minions for any RPG, but a whole ranked unit of these thugs would look great as arrow fodder for any EVIL army.  


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