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Robots - Teutanotrons

Robots - Teutanotrons

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Originally designed as mineral recovery robots for deep space and hostile environments, the Teutanotrons were pressed into service to suppress riots from planet-core miners.

After hastily converting their programming over to a high reaction/aggression matrix, it was discovered that their claws and drills were perfect for destruction as well as mining.

Word of their lethal efficiency spread across the colonies and it is a rare industrial world that does not have a squadron of these brutal robots to quash any hints of rebellion.

The Teutanotrons are our second group of robots from our kickstarter campaign. Designed as lighter, more agile robots compared to the hulking Ironmongers.

These models boast some fantastic details on the circuitry and lights, as well as enough blank space for logos and patterns as you see fit.

You’re free to paint them however you wish, but personally we think they look great with the bright primary colours and black & white trims of yesteryear.

Compatible with pretty much any sci-fi system, you can use them to represent gigantic warriors in 15mm or in 28mm scale they make great guard robots.

A set of 3 Teutanotrons robots -  in metal


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