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The Adventures

The Adventures

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“If you’re all sitting comfortably, I’ll tell you a tale. A story of mighty heroes. The brave knight, Sir Konrad. Shalazar The Beige, master of magic. Alshae Brightstar, greatest archer in the land. Drung Drogleson- the dwarf-iest dwarf to ever dwarf. They faced trolls! An’ giants! Chaotic dwarfs with hearts black as tar. And worst of ‘em all, the foul dragon Gromfindor.”


The four adventurers, all gathered together for this noble quest! And also, to hopefully swipe a shed load of gold, but that’s neither here nor there.

This set consists of a knight, wizard, elf and dwarf- everything you need for an old-school RPG party!

Each model is jam-packed full of 80’s nostalgia for proper adventures- when the swords were magic and the monsters were deadly. And you had to roll 3d6 for your stats. In order…And there was all the THAC0 you could shake a stick at…


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