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The Clowns

The Clowns

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The Clowns

What would a circus be without its clowns! Those tumbling, bumbling bags of mischief!
Tee hee hee! I love these little fellows! From their big, pointy grins and floppy shoes to their charming antics. Remember, all comedy comes from tragedy. So if they throw a bucket of water over you, be a good sport! What that? That wasn’t water? Whoops…Ah well. That’s show business!    

The Clowns are a great bunch of lads. These three models are packed with individual character, but enough of a unified feel to make them look like they belong together. Wide toothy maws, smiling pox-laden faces and slathering tongues should unnerve your opponent no end. Oh, and they are clowns which makes them terrifying anyway.   
Each one of them is holding a great big wooden mallet (For smashing in tent pegs, obviously…) so they’d make great fighters in any skirmish band.


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