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The Elephant

The Elephant

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Krellie The Elephant- Preorder, delivery estimated the end of July

Now, as everyone knows- keeping circus animals is cruel. Which is why we only use animals which are already dead and animated by necromancy. But don’t worry, Krellie is as feisty as ever! Sure, her eyes might be a little glassy, the tusks are jagged and broken and her intestines are dragging on the floor- but that just adds to her charm!  All the family will whoop and cheer as Krellie shows off to the audience! See her balance a ball on the tip of her nose! Balance on top of a barell! Eat her trainer and go on a bloodthirsty rampage of destruct- Wait, no! Just the first two! I promise…

Krellie the Elephant is another monster of a sculpt! Her trunk waving a huge, rusty iron mace and her wizened hide smothered with pox- she really is a grotesque and terrifying sight. This model is perfect as a mount or a monster in your army. She even comes sculpted with a fancy blanket to keep your general’s bottom comfy.


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