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The Full House

The Full House

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The Full House

The roar of the greasepaint! The Smell of the crowd! Where would we be without all the little (and
monstrously huge) people who make the show happen? The support acts who night after night give it
their all to make sure the show must go on! Feeding the carts and painting the horses. Firing the
cannons and making sure the elephant only eats the people she’s told to.
Come on folks, let’s give them a hand! Or a foot. Or any severed appendage. They’re not fussy.

Go big or go home! This is the biggest and best value bundle deal for the Circus of Corruption. As
well as including all the troupe models, this bundle also gives you their foul little friends. Models like
the Clowns and Cannon, the Cart and not forgetting, The Elephant are perfect both for display and
also for any fantasy army with a gruesome flavour


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Greig Galletly - Stirling 5 Stars

Great Old School Feel

These minis are great for an old school warband of sickly corruption. Great sculpting and just brilliant.!