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The Grim Shepard

The Grim Shepard

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The soldier who commits atrocities without questioning orders. The masses who cheer for a bloody tyrant. Any who do evil from complacency and unthinking conformity- they shall find their place in the flock of The Grim Shepherd. Upon death, their souls are mashed into a teeming, writhing mass with other sinners of their ilk into daemonic rams and ewes- to be herded constantly through Hell for all eternity. Utterly stripped of the freedom that they squandered in life.

- Et Daemonium Ovium, by Inhalor the Mad.

The Grim Shepherd set consists of two of his horrible flock- a ram and ewe, plus the big guy himself. This cyclopean monster works well as a special character for your Daemon army- either as a giant or as the leader of his daemonic beasts. Plus, who doesn’t love fluffy sheep with skeletal faces!

Metal Miniatures sculpted by Jaycee Fairclough from TC Miniatures

Shepherd 60mm tall to top of the head


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