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The Lower Festering Deamons

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The Lower Festering Demons


The souls of the wicked are cast down into the depths of Hell. There, they are remade into fearsome and terrible forms. Hellfire boils away flesh and twists bone into shapes more pleasing to the Putrid Princes. The screams of evil souls is matched only by the foul whoops and shouts of glee as the newly formed Festering Demons stagger forth to join the demonic legions. The irony being, that all memory and personality are ripped from them in this foul process. Leaving them with no clue as to what sin has damned them for all eternity.

  1. – Mihi Magna Libris Daemoniorum, by Inhalor the Mad.

    we have the rank and file for your Demon army! These Lower Festering Demons are all loathsomely unique and wonderfully horrible to behold.

No over sculpting or pretentious fiddly bits here, no sir! These are old school Demons, with cloven hooves, horns and big gribbly mouths for eating people.

Metal Miniatures sculpted by Jaycee Fairclough from TC Miniatures

Miniatures 30mm tall to top of the head

Buy them as a set, or grab yourself a bargain by getting all 3 sets at once.
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