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The Mounted Thugs

The Mounted Thugs

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“With blades of iron, we come to end your worthless lives! Men of the south, send forth your champions to face us! But know this, today your blood will redden the earth and tomorrow the wolves and ravens will fight over your bones” Ragnar The Keen, Chaotic Thug.

From the grim north, they rode, thugs and murderers all to pillage and burn the civilised lands. All for the glory of their dark gods!

Now they ride once more at your command with this stunning unit of cavalry! 6 unique sculpted Mounted Thugs, including a command group with a champion, standard-bearer and musician. These models are reminiscent of the chaotic models of yore. Punk mohawks, evil sneers. Hell, even the horses have a bad attitude! It’s a close call between the massive hair of the champion or the absurd bat-helmet of the standard-bearer for most ridiculous headgear, but the standard-bearer wins it by a nose. The whole unit is sculpted mid charge, war cries on their lips and weapons raised for the killing blow.   

The Mounted thugs are perfect as a cavalry unit in any chaotic, evil or Chaotic Evil army.

Sculpted by Drew Day Williams


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