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The Putrid Princes

The Putrid Princes


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The Putrid Princes

At the lowest depths of the Spoiled Realm squat the Putrid Princes. As old as Hell itself, these wicked beings constantly plot and scheme, bickering amongst themselves for control of the demon armies.

We should thank the gods that they hate each other as much as us, for if united they would rip reality asunder.
Each one of the Putrid Princes is a fearsome warlord and mighty enchanter in their own right, but their true power lies in their command of the lesser demons. With bellowed threats, they urge their minions to greater acts of mayhem and depravity, towards what wicked ends only the truly insane may comprehend.
- Foetida Diaboli, by Inhalor the Mad.

The Putrid Princes make fantastic characters for any Demon army. These resin models are covered in blisters, sores and oozing pus. To say nothing of the spilling, rancid guts and yellowing toenails! It’s enough to make you heave…
Each set includes both Putrid Princes, giving you superb centrepieces for your Demon collection as well as fitting generals to lead your army to victory on the tabletop.

Two large Resin Deamons


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