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The Scarlet Knights of Karlgoggen

The Scarlet Knights of Karlgoggen

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“There! To the south!” The musician pointed his trumpet at the woods. Lord Starvan squinted and saw what he meant, a flash of red cloth among the trees. He frowned. None of his own men fought under those colours….It couldn’t be! They were just a myth! A tale for children! But here they were, legend made flesh- The Scarlet Knights of Karlgoggen

 With a fierce cry, they Burst from the treeline and barrelled into the orc’s rear lines. Ten plate-clad warriors effortlessly hefting a sword a lesser man could not hope to lift. Their crimson cloaks and tabards flapped in the wind as they cut a bloody swathe through the enemy. 

10 metal miniatures sculpted by Geoff Solomon-Sims of Oakbound Studio.  There are five bodies with heads.

These mighty warriors are perfect for any human army as elite troops or knights on foot. The models rank up wonderfully, and although they are dramatically posed- you don’t need to faff about for half an hour trying to line them up!


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Nick J - Kent 5 Stars

Fantastic Fantasy Knights

My set of these ten fantastic fantasy knights arrived today after I backed the recent kickstarter.

Lovely amount of detail on each and size wise they are a perfect fit for classic era Citadel miniatures (ie pre 1992).

Highly recommended as Oldhammer Empire, Bretonnia or perhaps a religious order. Really pleased with these!