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The Troupe

The Troupe

£80.00 £66.67 (ex. VAT)

You will earn 80 points which is the equivalent of £2.40
The Full Troupe - 17 metal miniatures 

Roll up! Roll up! The circus is in town! Don't be shy! Step on up and see things you've never seen
before in your wildest dreams and darkest nightmares. 
Why, we have entertainments and fancies to awe and amaze you. Shock and confound you! Unhinge
and terrify you...
LAUGH at the playful antics of the clowns! 
GASP at the raw power of the strongman! 
WEEP at the beauty of our actors. What a piece! What a performance... 

The Troupe gives you the full cast of the Circus of Corruption line of models. Each one of these
gorgous minitures is positively dripping with character (and intestines in some cases!), but with a
unified theme that makes them perfect for a skirmishing warband, or perhaps a regiment in a larger
army. At only £65, it works out as less than £4 a model, giving you a massive saving on buying them


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