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Unit of Alpine Dwarfs

Unit of Alpine Dwarfs


You will earn 35 points which is the equivalent of £1.05

“Orcs and their vile kin have come to your home, ‘O dwarfs! Will you yield like the soft armies of men and elves? Be led away in chains to toil as slaves? Or will you stand! Will you fight! We will show them the strength of the mountain and the thunder of our guns! We will drive them back into the darkness, licking their wounds with buckshot scars across their backsides!” -Derrin Iron-Beard, Dwarf hero   

A full unit of handgunners, complete with command group and ready to turn any enemy into a fine red mist. This set consists of a champion, standard-bearer, musician, 8 troupers and of course, Bernie the St Bernard. These 12 models will give you a solid unit of gunners to blast apart the foe on the battlefield before they can even get close.
Or, with their skis, this unit could be used as light skirmishers to ruin the enemy flanks.

Expertly sculpted by John Pickford


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