Albert The Giant Forest Troll

Albert The Giant Forest Troll
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 Albert The Giant Forest TrollAlbert The Giant Forest Troll 
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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Resin


The Giant Forest Troll 

No child ever, if they be good,

Should ever set foot in the deep, dark wood.

For there dwells a creature so fearsome and weird,

With a tree on his back and some moss for a beard.

With teeth like knives and claws that catch!

With glowing red eyes and hands that snatch!

With a warty nose and knobbly knees,

He is the troll who lives in the trees.

Hell snap your bones and drink the Jelly.

Hell eat your arms, your legs, your belly.

And then hell use your eyes for glue!

And that will be the end of you.


The Model

The Giant Forest Troll! - we have named him Albert

The Forest Troll truly is an absolute beast of a model. A 14cm (or 5 if youre old school school) behemoth clutching a gnarled wooden club, just ready to jump out at some unfortunate traveller.

Forget about skinny trolls with spindly legs and other lazy, cost cutting style sculpts! Free from the pretentious fiddly bits and so-called dynamic poses which plague contemporary minis, you can tell at 100m away exactly what this is meant to be.

This model looks like exactly what it is- a hulking, chunky monstrous troll worthy of the name. You can practically smell the wet fur and the stink of rancid meat trapped between its jagged fangs. Dripping with menace, gripping its club and smacking its lips in anticipation of a juicy morsel.   

This model combines classic fantasy aesthetics with cutting edge sculpting and technology. Giving you a model with the personality and flavour of the 80s and 90s but with the quality and precision of modern sculpting.

It is one of our most ambitious projects to date, but one that we are sure youll agree was well worth the effort. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to the point where we happy with it- but this is a model to be proud of.     

Our Giant Forest Troll is perfect for use in any Orc of Goblin horde as a heavy hitter, perhaps as a unit champion. Or even as a counts-as giant in other wargames.

If youre a table top role player, you can watch your players dice bags shake with fear when you plonk this beauty down on the battlemat.

Or just to display in a place of honour in any collection.

Painting Guide

Although it might be initially intimidating, this model is a joy to paint.

The resin is top quality, so it has all of the old school character but without any of the dreaded paint chipping of metal minis. 

  The mossy fur and the detailed grain on the wooden club are perfect for inks and dry brushing and there are enough little details to keep even the most obsessive collector happy.

Thanks to its size, the Forest Troll makes a perfect centre piece.  

Using a simple system of a thin base coat, another layer and then finally a gentle highlight you can quickly paint this up into a striking addition to your collection.  All colours are Coat d'arms -


  • Undercoat Barbarian Leather
  • Layer Hairy Brown
  • Highlight Tanned Flesh


  • Undercoat Hairy Brown
  • Layer Rat Brown
  • Highlight Festering Brown


  • Undercoat Sun Yellow
  • Layer Bone
  • Highlight White


  • Undercoat Dwarven Flesh
  • Layer Tanned Flesh  
  • Highlight Elven Flesh


  • Undercoat White
  • Layer Blood Red
  • Highlight Flame Orange


  • Undercoat Black
  • Layer Hairy Brown
  • Highlight Bone

NOTICE: These detailed models come with resin supports that are part of the casting process and help provide protection for the model in shipping. They will require removal with an appropriate tool before assembly and painting.

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