Designed for 28mm wargaming models, these shields are fully compatible with classic Games Workshop minis. These make the perfect shields for old Warahmmer models.

We sell shields with holes in the middle- for that metal nobbly bit, and shields with cool designs on them!

We've got dragons, Brewery-themed shields (good for dwarfs!), big ones, small ones, ones with freaky demonic faces on- basically everything you need to outfit an Old School army.

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Brewers Shields

Brewers ShieldsFrom:  £24.00


Dragon Shields

Dragon ShieldsFrom:  £15.00


Dwarf Shields

Dwarf ShieldsFrom:  £15.00


Face sheilds

Face sheildsFrom:  £15.00

Random Larger Shields

Random Larger ShieldsFrom:  £15.00

Smaller Shields

Smaller ShieldsFrom:  £6.00

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items