Baggage Mootant

Baggage Mootant
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Baggage MootantBaggage MootantBaggage Mootant
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Weight:  100 g


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In stock

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Brand:  TCMiniatures by OSM

"Ole Bessie here is sure-footed as they come. Yessiree. This ole girl'll lug a fridge full of Nuka Soda up a 120-degree incline without breakin' a sweat!
Robots? PFFT! Gimme a break! You REALLY don't wanna hafta install a software update during a rad-blizzard, or deal with low battery when raider are tryin' ta stick a screwdriver inta ya gums! 

Trust me sonny, if yer serious about gettin' in tha'  prospectin' game, get yourself a Mootant like Bessie here!"


"But fair play, her farts are radioactive, and if you step in a cow-pattie your hair will fall out. Shall we say, 500 Credz?" 

The Baggage Mootant is the best organic goods transportation system money can buy! Docile(ish), and sturdy, these beasts of burden will lug your tat across the rad-wastes with no word of complaint! Just watch out for the Mootant Liberation Front... 

This is a solid, chunky 1-piece model. Packed with little details, the Baggage Mootant could easily represent stolen loot, or any other valuable resource. Or just lunch! 

In games of Wasteman, the Baggage Mootant makes an ideal member of your posse, or as an objective to fight over. It's also perfect as a unit filler/baggage train in other sci-fi and fantasy wargaming settings.   

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