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Yer fools, damn fools alla yas! The old man spat out a mouth of Rad-Backy and shook his head. Dontcha know whats up in those hills? The bandits exchanged glances, internally debating whether to listen to this old geezer or mug him.


The bandits fell about laughing. Bugfoot was a campfire tale to frighten greenhorns and city slickers. The old man sucked his wooden teeth and frowned. Its true! Thirty feet tall an a carapace like iron, wit claws that can snip a Cybjorg in two!

Tsk. The leader of the bandits sneered and turned his mount away. Whatever, mate.

The old man sighed as he watched them ride into the hills. They would all be dead by sunrise.      

The legendary Bugfoot!

There are monsters, and then there are MONSTERS. And Bugfoot deserves the capital letters. This Kaiju is an iconic Behemoth in Wasteman, and he can be yours to command! Crunching jaws, glowing eyes- to say nothing of those crushing claws!

Statwise, Bugfoot can happily chew through every other model in the game and still keep on coming! And with the Killer Crush ability, its Goregasms all round baby!

As well as being a devastating combatant, the model is gorgeous and will be a superb centrepiece for your Wasteman collection.

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