Cockatrice with Orc Rider

Cockatrice with Orc Rider
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 Cockatrice with Orc RiderCockatrice with Orc Rider 
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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Andy 'Atom' Taylor
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


ďDonít be afraid brave men! You are Knights of The Tiger! And anyway, itís just a great big chicken-Ē
-Last words of Sir August Van Rufen, Knight Commander of the Order of The Tiger (deceased)

A mighty Orc Shaman atop Drumstikk- his faithful (barely) tame Cockatrice. This savage orc holds a wooden club, perfect for biffing any foe that gets too close, and his mount is hunched forward in a sinister leer- ready to exhale a cloud of poisonous breath!

As a creature of chaos, the Cockatrice is just screaming out to be painted in bright, lurid colours. And with all that skin to spare, the orc shaman can be covered in all the tattoos and war paint you could ask for.

This duo makes the perfect Old School wizard and mount, and can give any orc and goblin army magical support while still getting stuck in and cracking skulls!

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