Colossal Battle Snail with Eldritch War Throne

Colossal Battle Snail with Eldritch War Throne
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“ONWARDS MY CHILDREN! SLAY THEM IN THE GLORIOUS NAME OF THE GREAT ONE! KNOW THAT I FIGHT BESIDE YOU! IN THE NAME OF EQUALITY AND BROTHERHOOD! Sure, I get to ride on this massive mutant snail thing, and your guys have to walk. But that’s because I’m the Grand High Magister, and The Great One said so, that’s why. Now get back to killing those unbelievers!”

Leading a cult has its perks- you get the nicest robe, the pointiest hood, a big mace to bop heretics with- but best of all, A COLOSSAL BATTLE SNAIL! Steered by a hairless eunuch called Keith (but his name isn’t really that important), this mighty mail-clad mollusc is a monstrous mount for any magister worth his salt. Although, you should keep the salt well away from the Colossal Battle Snail, for hopefully obvious reasons.

 A two part model (the guy sitting on the throne can be glued on, or taken off just as you like), this thing is MASSIVE. 100mm long and 85ish mm tall! It’s also a beauty to paint, with lots of slime, silk and steel.

This mini (or should that be, maxi) works great in games of Wasteman, but it’s also perfect as a war beast in any chaos type army in fantasy wargaming.   

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