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Ettin Class Giant Attack Robot

Ettin Class Giant Attack Robot

£45.00 £37.50 (ex. VAT)

You will earn 45 points which is the equivalent of £1.35

Where it walks, cities crumble. Where it breathes, the air turns to smog. Where it fights, the enemy scatter.

Ettin, or Extreme Total Tactical Instigation Neutraliser is the final word in ground-based warfare. The Ettin was envisioned as a deterrent. A terrifying disincentive for anyone looking to make a move against the owner of such a beast. Such is the sheer scale of the destruction it can reap that it is rarely used, but when it is unleashed it is nothing short of awe inspiring in the scale of destruction it wreaks.

It is unique among robots for it’s duel AI processor, situated in two “heads” in the middle of the torso unit. This gives unparalleled accuracy for its ballistic weapons array as well as ensuring a back-up in the unlikely event of one processor being destroyed.


I’ll say that again. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY MM. (nearly 5” for the old-school among us) This this a beast of a model. One of the biggest (and best) models the Old School Miniatures Company has ever produced.

Sporting a massive gun arms  and rockets the Ettin gives a nice variety and its hulking pose will dominate the table top.

The domes and lightning bolt details give a nice contrast to the rounded, squat silhouette and you have enough space to paint this model with all the badges of loyalty and kill-markings you could wish.

Ettin makes an ideal battle suit or heavy walker type vehicle for any 28mm scale game. Or in smaller scale games it is perfect for the flipping-well-massive war machines of the far, far future. Either way, with the Ettin you have a piece will take pride of place in your sci-fi collection and will draw admiring (and jealous) glances from all around.

The Ettin is truly huge robot it provides the firepower and support to an army.  Often supported by packs of smaller robots with Hornet outriders.

One resin Ettin - these are for experienced model makers and will require clean up 


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