Ewal Dvergar - Evil Dwarfs The Bazooka

Ewal Dvergar - Evil Dwarfs The Bazooka
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Weight:  50 g


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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  John Pickford
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Congratulations on purchasing the SKULLCRACKER 2000! A top-of-the-line piece of portable artillery. 
To ensure optimal usage, please consult this manual for maintenance and operation advice. 

Q My bazooka isn't hitting anything! 
A This is a common problem, and is easily fixed by adjusting your aim. Try to aim better, and you'll hit things more often. 

Q Nothing is coming out of the other end? 
A Please ensure the SKULLCRACKER 2000 is loaded before firing. 

Q My bazooka blew up!
A If you're still able to read this, your injuries probably weren't as bad as you're making out. Stop being a baby. 


Ewal Dvergar armies are full of awesome artillery and deadly war machines- with infantry supported by specially trained heavy weapon squads. 
These two-man teams rain down death and destruction as their comrade advance, hurling screaming rockets into the foe to smash apart their formations. 
The chaos these evil dwarfs inflict allows the Ewal Dvergar infantry to simply advance and mop up any survivors. 

An Ewal Dvergar Bazooka Team makes the perfect addition to any Ewal Dvergar army, providing heavy weapon support for any size game. 

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