Globe Strider

Globe Strider
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 Globe StriderGlobe Strider 
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Weight:  100 g


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Brand:  TCMiniatures by OSM
Sculptor:  Jaycee Fairclough
Material (Unpainted):  Resin


A giant Resin Model for Wasteman 

Ok, this guy is BIG.
How big? 120mm (or nearly 5”!). This is a monster of a mini (or should that be, maxi?) in more ways than one!

Globestriders are mutated freaks, swollen with radiation to a colossal size. Just one of these Behemoths is a match for an entire posse. It’s no wonder that some of them achieve a sort of celebrity status among the settlements dotted around the wastes of rad-scorched Earth.

The Globestrider makes an awesome addition to your Wasteman mini collection. Packed with detail, from his filthy loin cloth to his snaggle-toothed maw, he looks great in your display cabinet, or kicking the snot out of anyone foolish enough to get within attack range.  Although designed for Wasteman, we think the Globestider is perfect for any other wargaming system where you need a big, gangly monster-thingy. 

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