Gnarly Pilgrim Faction Pack

Gnarly Pilgrim Faction Pack
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"Howdy, my name is Elder Grint. Can I talk to you today about our Lord and Saviour The Radioactive Giant Frog?
No? Are ya sure? Well Gee, I guess that makes you a heretic, no don't it? Ah well, guess we'll just have to burn you at the stake for the glory of our Giant Frog overlord. BOYS! GET THE KINDLING READY!"

The Gnarly Pilgrim Faction Pack containing Five miniatures makes a perfect posse for your games of Wasteman.

Gnarly Pilgrims make great deranged cultists or religious fanatics- these muties are out to spread the good word, even if they have to kill everyone they meet in order to do it!
Like most Wasteman models, these minis are slightly bigger than normal, measuring around 35mm. But seeing how they are inbred radioactive mutants, it won't make that much of a difference if they are a bit bigger so you can use them in pretty much any sci-fi skirmish wargame system.    

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