Gnome Cannon

Gnome Cannon
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Gnome CannonGnome CannonGnome Cannon
Gnome CannonGnome Cannon
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Weight:  30 g


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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Byron Harmon
Material (Unpainted):  Metal

The Cannon and Crew


As we all know, Gnomes are superb engineers and masters of all things fiddly. Most of the time this is used to make trinkets, toys and other little curious. But in times of war or when their domains are threatened, they can turn this knack to lethal application.  

Gnomes use cannons to take down heavy cavalry and monster, which ordinarily will present a problem for a Gnomish commander.

Unlike cannons of dwarfs and men, Gnome cannons are light and manurable, allowing the crew to wheel it into the perfect position in battle.

This kit comes with 1 cannon and three very characterful crew to man it.

X1 Loader with a rag-on-a-stick

X1 spotter, expertly guessing range with a telescope

X1 apprentice who gets the job of lighting the fuse (and hoping he doesnt get blown up!)

Cast in white metal

Sculpted by Byron Harmon

All Gnomes are around 13-15mm to eye

No base supplied

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