Gnome Catapult

Gnome Catapult
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Weight:  50 g


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In stock

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Brand:  OSM
Sculptor:  Byron Harmon
Material (Unpainted):  Metal


Alpine Gnome Catapult Preorder, with expected delivery in January 2024

“Pfft, Gnome Catapult! What a load of bunkum!” Grungli The Despoiler spat on the ground as the Ewal Dvergar scouts nervously glanced at each other. They knew the report wasn’t going to go down well. The Sorcerer-Lord incinerated one of them with a fireball to prove his point, then turned to rest of the warband.  
“LISTEN UP!” He bellowed.  
Gnomes are just a bunch of tree-hugging, fox-riding wimps! They don’t have the technology to build anything more complicated than a pointy hat! We’re going to burn down their stupid wood, and take anything we don’t kill as slaves! Pfft! catapaults my hairy ar-” 
When the Fox Riders and pike regiments just don’t cut it- consider a mighty Gnome Catapult to add some much needed long-range firepower to your army! All armies need siege weapons and war machines, and Gnomes are no different! These ingenious rock lobbing devices are flat pack, ready to be assembled in the blink of an eye to hurl deadly projectiles onto the enemies of Gnome kind!  
This model makes the perfect addition to any Gnome wargaming army, and goes great with the rest of our fine, fine Gnome range.   

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